Ways to revamp your living space
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Apart from gorging on sinful delicacies and spending quality time with friends and family, one of the best things about the festive season is going decor shopping to give your home a makeover. It gives you a valid excuse to splurge on revamping your home, without feeling guilty. Depending on your budget, here’s how you can give your living space a fun facelift.

Decals, accent walls and more

Brighten up your room with an accent wall — a wall whose colour/design differs from that of the other walls in the room. Paint your favourite wall in a brighter shade and others in lighter tones to maintain the balance. If painting is not paint, you can still add some magic to your wall by going for decals; these are a more convenient and less expensive option. Another way to spruce up your old walls is by going for colourful hangings, mirrors and paintings.

Change those linens, cushions and rugs

Simply using a set of new bedsheets and curtains can completely transform a room. For your bedding, go for festive colours like fuchsia, turquoise, orange and royal blue. Throw in a pair of bright-coloured cushions or those which have intricate embroidery or mirror work on them. For your curtains, opt for fabrics like tissue. Prints like floral, geometric shapes and abstract art are great options. Curtains in colours like ivory and gold, adorned with applique in red, maroon, lilac and blue will make your room look lively. If you have a big space in the centre of the room, decorate with a fancy rug.


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