Samsung Will Actually Pay You to Buy This Device

    Samsung is literally paying for customers to buy its smartphones. The company is lagging behind Apple in smartphone sales lately and hopes paying the first three months of a new customer’s phone installment payment will sway some people to try one of its devices. The company’s offer lasts until Oct. 16. Customers who agree to […]

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    How to Print from Your Android Phone

    Mobile technology has eliminated some of the need for printing hard copies of business documents and images. But you don’t have to do away with printing completely. In fact, there are plenty of apps and methods out there that allow you to print directly from your mobile device. If you use an Android phone or […]

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Offer Touch-Based Fingerprint Access

    Samsung is bringing back fingerprint identification on its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6. The smartphone hasn’t been released yet but early indications are that Samsung is going to try again with fingerprint scanning. SamMobile.com is reporting that the new Galaxy S6 will use a fingerprint touch ID system. This is similar to what Apple introduced with […]

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    Cell Phone Comparison Review: Samsung, HTC, Nokia and iPhone

    No-contract cell phone plans are common, but not widely talked about among business owners. Most of the time, you hear about the major carrier brands because they provide an “all you can eat” unlimited type plan and that appeals to the busy owner. However, those plans come with a hitch – you get a lower […]

    Soon You Can Have a Smartphone – With a Zoom Lens Attached

    Camera phones can be an important tool for small business owners. But have you ever wished your camera phone could work just a little better, eliminating the need to carry a professional camera with you?  Samsung is upping the game. The Korean company is introducing a smartphone camera hybrid that’s essentially like a phone with a […]

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    New Curved Phone Over $1,000 Announced by Samsung

    Samsung has thrown the smartphone buying public a curve. Cost conscious entrepreneurs won’t be picking this phone, costing over $1,000 and not available outside South Korea. But perhaps it will teach us all something about innovation. The aptly named new Samsung Galaxy Round has a 5.7-inch display with 1080 pixel resolution, the same as the recently […]

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    No More Plastic Phones: Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 Made of Metal

    Forget plastic bodies and Kevlar skins. Samsung has just introduced its latest offerings on the smartphone market with the Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5. And while Samsung may not be including many of the features that made its S-series smartphones so popular, the new phones represent the unveiling of the company’s first-ever all-metal design. […]

    Samsung Digital Payment System Could Rival Apple Pay

    Credit card companies, banks, retail stores and e-merchants are lining up to accept Apple Pay. Now, Apple’s chief competition in the smartphone arena may be on the verge of its own mobile payment system. Samsung has reportedly been talking with the startup company LoopPay to develop a rival to Apple Pay. If this were to […]

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    Skype Announces Mobile Group Calls, Samsung Creates VR Camera

    Mobile technology is getting more and more advanced. And thanks to those advances, businesses are continually able to do more with less. This week, mobile inclined businesses got some welcome news in the form of Skype announcing a group calling feature for mobile devices. In addition, Samsung announced a new virtual reality camera called the […]

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    Samsung Devices First to Receive T-Mobile Video Calling

    Video calling is not new, and there are many apps in the market place. Whether you are using your smart mobile device or PC, you can use video to communicate with just a click. T-Mobile is aware of that, but what it has done with its Video Calling is make it work right out of […]

    Apple Fails to Block Sales of Samsung Mobile Devices

    The resolution of a dispute between Apple and Samsung will only hasten the coming of a more mobile economy. Your business must be ready. To this end, we’ve assembled some big picture information about where the mobile explosion stands and how it may change customer behavior. We also take a closer look at what you […]