The Best Computer Science Blogs

    Computer science is an amazing field of study, formalizing as a college discipline in the ’60s and evolving through the decades since to become part of daily life around the world. And, for some of us, it’s also turned into a passion. Whether computer science is one of your college courses or just something of casual interest, […]

  • Goldman-backed digital bank Starling boycotts Meta over scam ads

    British digital bank Starling says it is boycotting Facebook parent company Meta over its failure to tackle fraudulent financial adverts. Anne Boden, Starling’s CEO and founder, said her firm would no longer pay for advertising on Facebook and Instagram while scammers were targeting its customers. In an annual letter published Thursday, Boden said: “We want to protect our customers […]

  • 7 Ways for Beginner Coders to Monetize Programming Blogs

    Why shouldn’t your hobby earn you money? Programming is a very lucrative skill to have, whether as a professional career, a freelance gig, or even just a hobby. For programmers who know how, there’s a real opportunity to turn their knowledge and expertise into cold hard cash.  When you combine the ability to program or […]


    The global pandemic left plenty of long-lasting impacts, one being the shift towards remote work environments. Even as much of the world reopens, and more and more people are getting vaccinated, it’s believed that remote work is here to stay for many organizations, even ones with large workforces, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. As tempting […]

    Qualys on cyber challenges: still to patch is no fair match

    Qualys, Inc. staged its QSC 2021 conference in Las Vegas from November 15 to 18 and the Computer Weekly Developer Network was tuned in from the ‘get-go’ to listen to what the cloud-based IT, security and compliance solutions company is tabling next. In a slightly unusually format, Qualys president and CEO Sumedh Thakar gave way to a guest speaker for the […]

    3 Reasons Why Students Should Learn to Build a Computer

    Do you have students in your classroom that want to build personal computers or PCs? Are they more interested in playing computer games all day long in the classroom? Understandably, you may have some reservations at first. You won’t find a decent teacher that wants their students playing video games all day. And yet, the process […]

    BLOG TYBCOM Computer Classes in Mumbai

    Brainpoint.net covers all college-based Syllabus T.Y.B.Com Computers new syllabus introduced by the University of Mumbai at the T.Y.B.Com Level. Our classes in mumbai at grant road cover all the important programs topics like MySQL, Excel, and Visual Basic etc. Our teaching method has made it simple and easy to understand with a practical approach. Graphic […]

    Facebook just rebranded as Meta, but privacy will still be its biggest hurdle

    ‘Facebook Connect 2021’ event, Facebook announced an ambitious vision for a connected utopia: one that seamlessly links the virtual world to the physical, bringing together geographically separated people into the same virtual space – whether through world-building games, collaborative workplaces or in a virtual home. It’s all part of its grand plans to build the metaverse – […]