A lot of Craft Fairs and Artisans Markets Tucson

      Sunday Artisans Market — Medella Vina Ranch, 4450 S. Houghton Road. Art glass, paintings, wood crafting, gemstone jewelry, textile crafts, marbleized scarf art, and more including Demonstrating Artists. 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Nov. 18. Free. 298-1983. Hanukkah Bazaar — Temple Emanu-El, 225 N. Country Club Road. Hanukkah menorahs, candles, gelt, games, organic honey, jewelry and […]

    ULTIMA: Chord Electronics’ blue moon shot

    At Munich High-End in May, John Franks introduced the Étude, Chord Electronics’ first new amplifier topology since the company’s 1989 inception. Franks had gone back to the 1980s to the “feed-forward correction” work of one Bob Cordell who has since been retained by the UK hi-fi company as a consultant. Catch up here: Six months […]

    5 Best Pre-Black Friday 2018 Smart TV Deals At Best Buy

    Something is happening at Best Buy this week. Shoppers can currently find some incredible deals on a range of smart TVs, all available from Samsung. A smart TV connects you to much more than just your channels. Using these aptly named devices, you can share content between your smartphone and TV, control various internet-enabled devices […]

    Free Guided Tours Tucson

    All events are free or included in the cost of admission unless otherwise noted. Wednesday Mission Garden —  946 W. Mission Lane. Living agricultural museum of Sonoran Desert-adapted heritage fruit-trees, traditional heirloom crops, and edible native plants. 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Nov. 7-10. 955-5200. Garden Tours — Pima County Cooperative Extension, 4210 N. Campbell Ave. The […]

    Halloween shopping this weekend? Where to save and which coupons to use at Publix, Walmart, Target and Winn-Dixie

    The trick-or-treaters are upon us and with Halloween on most advertisers’ minds, this week’s deals are largely candy-centric. Considering Americans will collectively spend about $9 billion this Halloween, it makes sense that every retailer is vying for your dollars. So let’s break down some of your options (and coupons, of course) to navigate what’s sure […]

  • Machine Learning and Big Data in the Quantum Computing Age

    In the information technology age, on an average 2.5 exabytes of data is produced every day, which is equivalent to the content of 5 million laptops. Humongous isn’t it? Here is more, on a daily basis, every minute 3.2 billion global internet users add massive data to the data banks with 347,222 Tweets, 4.2 million Facebook likes, 9,722 […]

    Understanding quantum computers: The noise problem

    Quantum computers are fragile miracles of physics that are unreliable, cost-prohibitive, and more error-prone than a shortstop with no depth perception. But, if we ever want to get to Star Trek levels of technology, we probably need them. To make them useful we have to make them reliable. And that’s a pretty tall order. The […]