Explainer: Can your morning slice of toast without a doubt provide you with cancer?

    The country wide food regulator and the enterprise have been short to react to the invention of feasiblecancer–inflicting chemical substances in popular bread manufacturers in India. The food protection andrequirements Authority of India has eliminated potassium bromate from a list of permissible food additivesand is examining the evidence in opposition to potassium iodate. And before […]

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    Tesla can count on Panasonic to maintain up with version three demand

    Tesla may be willing to stump up a lot of cash to fulfill brisk call for for the model three, however itnonetheless can’t try this on my own — not whilst Panasonic is pouring $1.6 billion into the Gigafactoryhad to make the electrical vehicle‘s batteries. thankfully, the japanese electronics large has Tesla’s lower back. Panasonic […]

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    Google’s ‘Magenta’ assignment will see if AIs can actually make art

    Google’s subsequent foray into the burgeoning world of synthetic intelligence might be a creative one. The employer has previewed a new attempt to teach AI structures to generate tune and artwork calledMagenta. it’ll launch officially on June 1st, but Google gave attendees at the annual Moogfest music and tech competition a preview of what’s in […]

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    With Lumenus clever cycling apparel, you can go away your boring cycling jacket at domestic

    As self-riding automobiles are not pretty ready but, motorbike accidents unfortunately arenevertheless a element. every now and then, stupid monkey brains can’t see someone driving a bike. Lumenus desires to restore that with clever clothes and add-ons for runners, cyclists and motorcyclists. The business enterprise is taking element in our Startup Battlefield opposition at TechCrunch […]

    You Can Now Run Windows 95 on a Web Browser

    If for some reason, you ever wanted to use Windows 95, now is a good time. It has become easier than ever to run the two-decade-old operating system from Microsoft – because it can now be run on a Web browser. Programmer Andrea Faulds has created a website that is designed to simulate Windows 95. […]

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    New 3D Printing Technique Can Produce Human Tissue, Organs

    A group of US scientists have successfully transplanted living tissue constructed by a sophisticated and improved 3D printer, according to a study released on Monday by British scientific journal Nature. This research, developed by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina, represents a breakthrough for regenerative medicine, as it suggests that these tissues […]

    Mattel Unveils a 3D Printer You Can Actually Afford

    We are sure you’ve heard about 3D printing and the opportunities for advancements it has brought to engineering and health, among other industries. But an issue with this nascent technology space is that despite being around for a couple of years now, 3D printers are still very expensive to purchase and use, making them inaccessible […]

    You Can Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive With Lipstick

    There’s no dearth of gamers streaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But Chloe Desmoineaux’sbroadcast of the popular first-person shooter is one of a kind. Reason being, she’s playing Counter-Strike by applying make up. Lipstick in particular. Dubbed as Lipstrike, she’s able to play Counter-Strike with a tube of lipstick. Perplexed? Using a Makey Makey kit which turns […]

    This Gadget Can Turn Your Phone Into a 3D Printer

    A US-based company claims to have created a portable device that lets users create 3D prints by using the light from their smartphone screen. The gadget called OLO is designed to be simple, consisting of three plastic pieces, one chip, and one motor, all operated by four AA batteries. It measures 720x1150x1480mm and weighs 780 […]

    Structured higher education can spur entrepreneurial ambitions: NYU study

    Photo: Indranil Bhoumik/Mint Bengaluru: Structured higher education, provided the environment is conducive, can spur entrepreneurial ambitions, according to research by New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. The study will be published in the May volume of the The Journal of Higher Education. While the education system is criticized for not […]