Quantum Computers Challenge Blockchain’s Invincibility: What To Do Now

    Timelines for the emergence of quantum computers may be fuzzy, but the threat they pose to the vaunted security of blockchain technology is profoundly real. Originally popular as fail-safe security for bitcoin enthusiasts, blockchain is making inroads across numerous industries, most notably as a track and trace tool proving the provenance of goods across vast […]

    Apple’s Next Big Challenge: Making Siri Smarter

    HIGHLIGHTS Apple is set to announce a better Siri version at WWDC on Monday. Besides Siri, Apple Watch 2 and macOS are also to debut. As per reports, Siri will be open to devs now. Apple’s Siri made a big splash when the wisecracking digital assistant debuted on the iPhone five years ago. But as […]

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    ‘NanoMads’ to Take on Mongol Rally Challenge For Charity

    The ‘NanoMads’ will be taking on the Mongol Rally challenge in a Tata Nano. © NDTV HIGHLIGHTS 1The NanoMads will participate in the Mongol Rally 2They will try to complete the challenge in a Tata Nano 3The Mongol Rally travels 18000 km from London to Mongolia As many as 18000 kilometres through 17 countries, five […]