New technique can make flexible electronics self-repairing too

    Flexible electronics is making possible tiny gadgets for a variety of applications such as wearable devices and strip thermometers. But circuits inside them are prone to breakage if such flexible electronic devices are bent in different directions over a period of time. A new technique developed by a group of Indian and British researchers promises […]

    Saving the planet with flexible electronics

    Fig. 1 Push coating devices onto substrates with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) films. 1. Deposit approximately 5 microliters of solution on a substrate; 2. Press the PDMS stamp against it. 3. Wait for the solvent to diffuse inside PDMS and …more “My research on organic photovoltaic (OPVs) devices reflects my fascination with electronic gadgets and concerns about […]

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    To connect biology with electronics, be rigid, yet flexible

    A schematic of the P3HT film, showing regions that are able to subtly swell to let in ion molecules. Credit: Rajiv Giridharagopal That conclusion might crop up during divorce proceedings, or describe a diplomatic row. But scientists designing polymers that can bridge the biological and electronic divide must also deal with incompatible messaging styles. Electronics […]

    New Thin Film Transistor May Lead to Flexible Electronics

    New Thin Film Transistor May Lead to Flexible Electronics Researchers have invented a thin film transistor that could lead to the development of flexible electronic devices with applications such as display technology, medical imaging and renewable energy production. Researchers were exploring new uses for thin film transistors (TFT), which are most commonly found in low-power, […]