Artificial intelligence eats chess computers for lunch

    After 25 years of intermittent seriousness, I’m a mediocre tournament chess player. Grandmasters play at a level that beggars my comprehension. But grandmasters, since the second Clinton administration, have looked like clowns against chess computers. Now AlphaZero, a digital doohickey from DeepMind—Google’s AI operation—has made a fool of Stockfish, the strongest “traditional” chess program. Four […]

    SmartFocus Expands its Product Capabilities with Richer Marketing Intelligence

    NEW YORK, May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — SmartFocus, the global leader in intelligent, personalized, omni-channel marketing, is changing the way it helps marketers win, keep and grow their customers. With an expanded suite of products, marketers now have the ability to easily understand how their business is performing and deliver impactful, personalized experiences that engage […]

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    Here’s why Microsoft bought SwiftKey for $250 million—artificial intelligence

    Photo: Bloomberg New Delhi: On Tuesday, London-based predictive technology company SwiftKey said it has joined the Microsoft family. The deal, first reported by the Financial Times, is believed to be around $250 million. SwiftKey, for most smartphone users, comes through as just another third-party keyboard app, an upgrade on the default keyboard that most platforms […]