Budget must review FTAs to push electronics goods sales

    “Free Trade Agreements are really hurting the make in India initiatives of Government of India. There is serious need of reviewing these agreements to encourage manufacturing of electronics goods in India. The need for becoming self-sufficient for country like India for its inputs for manufacturing of electronic components in India, instead of importing majority of […]

    E-Commerce Food Biz Operators Must Obtain Licence: FSSAI

    E-Commerce Food Biz Operators Must Obtain Licence: FSSAI E-commerce food companies will have to obtain licence for their entire supply chain besides ensuring that delivery of products is done by ‘trained personnel’ in order to maintain safety under the new guidelines issued by food regulator FSSAI on Friday. With an aim to regulate e-commerce food […]

    Samsung Electronics CEO Says Firm Must Learn From Crisis

    Samsung Electronics CEO Says Firm Must Learn From Crisis Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Chief Executive Kwon Oh-hyun on Tuesday said the South Korean tech giant must improve, as it reels from the costly withdrawal of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Without referring directly to the failure of the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7s, Kwon said in […]

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    Why must women be different?

    The overwhelming majority of start-ups that are funded have White, male founders. Just 1% are Black, 8% are female and 12% are Asian. Photo: Reuters As an economist, I was trained in the late eighties as a ‘free marketeer’—one who believes that markets are essentially ‘efficient’, that human beings behave rationally in their own self […]

    Term plan’s sum assured must be at least 10 times annual income

    iStockPhoto What are the main things to check when selecting a life insurance policy? I am 31 years old and married. —Rajneesh Sharma The two most important factors to consider in a life insurance policy are the insurer’s claim settlement track record and the sum assured paid on death. Insurers who haves claim settlement ratios […]

    CMD Commands Every Windows User Must Know

    Back in the day, using a desktop computer meant typing in a range of commands. You have to realise that roughly two decades ago, there wasn’t any Start menu or a taskbar. The friendly graphics user interface as we know it today didn’t exist, and a black screen with a blinking cursor was all we […]

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    Online Harassment Must Be Met Head-On: SXSW Panel

    Online harassment and sexism is demeaning women and can no longer be brushed aside as an ugly side of social media and the gaming industry if they are to thrive, panellists on Saturday said at the South By Southwest (SXSW) tech meeting in Austin. The gaming summit at one of the premier events on the […]