Parker Solar Probe Operating as Planned, NASA Says

    NASA’s historic mission to solve the mysteries of the Sun which was launched aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket on August 12 is operating according to plan, mission controllers have said. As of 12pm EDT on August 16, the Parker Solar Probewas 4.6 million kms from Earth, travelling at 62,764 kms per hour, and heading […]

    Flagship outdoor sports and clothing store planned for the heart of Snowdonia

    Artist’s impression of the new store (Photo: publicity picture) 1SHARE    by Taboola  Sponsored Links  Maruti Suzuki Ignis India Launch Date Revealed (auto.ndtv.com) The Latest Business News For Indians Like You (Bloomberg Quint) Get Business updates directly to your inbox + Subscribe Retailer JD Sports has submitted plans for a flagship outdoor sports and clothing […]