Samsung Electronics to Set Up AI Research Centre

    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Wednesday it would create an artificial intelligence (AI) research centre and strengthen an executive role to look for new business areas for all its three major business groups. The minor changes to the tech giant’s business structure were to “quickly respond to market changes,” Samsung Electronics said in a statement. The move […]

    Research Your Business

    Benchmark Your Business Discover how your small business compares to your industry & local area. Compare by revenue size, business age, or salary levels. Research Your Customers Target your marketing. Map out which locales have the highest household income or businesses with the highest revenues. Get started! Research your business – use the interactive tool […]

    How to Do the Right SEO Keyword Research

    When it comes to search marketing, one of, if not the most, important and valuable things that you can do is keyword research. Keyword research gives you the ability as a business to better understand your potential customers, and what they are searching for, and how you can match your marketing to that. The SEO keyword research […]