• [India] Call for feedback – Restaurant Ratings v2

    Over the last few years, the nature of the restaurant industry in India has changed, and food delivery has become a more important part of the ecosystem. At Zomato, we have started our own delivery fleet, launched ground-breaking products, and have learnt so much with each passing year.  Our users have posted 283m+ ratings and […]

    Delicious and Tasty Food at Swiggy Restaurant

    There are number of restaurants across India that delivers food to your home. Swiggy is one of them that deliver your ordered food at your home from their delivery boy. Online food order delivery is done through a webpage or app. As, you can order anything for your home online which saves your time, you […]

    Will Your Next Restaurant Be Run By Robots?

    The technology behind robots has improved greatly in recent years. Robots can now clean your house, prepare food and even learn from watching YouTube videos. And all of those improvements could have interesting implications for businesses. Businesses staffed almost exclusively by robots might seem like something out of a science fiction movie. But concerns about […]