The next revolution in computers is right around the corner

    The industry’s biggest players are working on quantum computing Getty ImagesIntel has acquired Mobileye, a maker of computer-vision chips.Digital devices are getting smaller and more powerful each day, and that trend hasn’t slowed because their components are constantly shrinking. Moore’s law, an observation of this phenomenon, shows that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits (chips) doubles every […]

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    How Pizza Hut and payments are fueling China’s retail revolution

    Part of the huge shadow Ant Financial casts is its appetite for global investment, but at the same time it’s making moves that are kicking off major changes to how payments are handled in its local market in China. While the world waits to see how the company’s attempt to acquire U.S.-based MoneyGram will play […]

  • The Microprocessor: A Computer Revolution

    A microprocessor is a small silicon chip — rectangular in shape — and usually one square inch. It is made up thousands of transistors that are inter-connected with one another by electronic means. Microprocessors are embedded on motherboards. The function of a microprocessor is to control the arithmetic and logical operations of the Central Processing Unit […]

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    No more 9-to-5: Computer-science engineer leads business-owner revolution

    Retire in your mid-30s? That doesn’t necessarily sound like the American dream, but certainly a dream. As of Friday, it’s a dream fulfilled for Ravi Chawla. A career computer-science engineer, Chawla walked away from his 9-to-5 job one last time. The Murphy resident has spent much of his work life in McKinney, stationed in the […]

    Homefront Revolution Release Date and Price Revealed for India

    When we played Homefront: The Revolution at Gamescom 2015 we noted that while it was rough around the edges, there was enough to allow it to stand out from a crowded open-world shooter genre. At the time its publisher, Deep Silver was yet to finalise on a new distributor for India following theimplosion of incumbent […]

    Homefront Revolution release Date and charge discovered for India

    whilst we performed Homefront: The Revolution at Gamescom 2015 we mentioned that whilst it turned into hard round the edges, there has been sufficient to allow it to face out from a crowded open-international shooter genre. at the time its publisher, Deep Silver become yet to finalise on a brand newdistributor for India following the […]