So Many New Marketing Tactics, Tools And Technologies, Oh My!

    How Can Anyone Be Sure What To Do And When To Do It? Square 2 Marketing was founded on one simple principle: Help people get better at marketing, sales and revenue generation in general. Back in 2003, we kept meeting really smart business leaders who were great at what their business did (manufacturing, accounting or […]

    These Are All The Deals for the New iPhones So Far

    Apple announced three new iPhones on Tuesday, which means people will soon be hoping to get the best deals when trying to upgrade their phones. Preorders for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus begin on Sept. 15, and they begin shipping on Sept. 22. If you want to get the special iPhone X, which has even more upgraded […]

    Alexa stores for Amazon High objects so you do not have to

    Amazon’s digital assistant should already help with re-ordering items, and now Alexa is a much extrauseful shopping partner. In preference to just replenishing gadgets you’ve already bought or compiling a purchasing list, Alexa now searches for brand spanking new objects based on your voice commands.In case you‘re searching out a new meals processor, for instance, […]

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    Are you continue to a VR Skeptic? So Is Nintendo.

    everywhere you examine E3 – the yearly electronic enjoyment Expo gaming conference – there appears to be something pitching digital fact. well, almost everywhere. on the Nintendo booth, there may be handiest calm, conventional video game gambling. In truth, there may be most effective Zelda, and it’s miles definitely wrapped in delusion. I requested Reggie […]

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    government to do so in opposition to dishonest builders

    at the back of the real property Act getting into force from may additionally 1, 2016, the vitalgovernment, has warned the developers with the ‘strictest’ feasible motion, in the event that they takeclients for a journey, even as it sought to allay their fears over the proposed actual property regulatory authority, pronouncing that it’d be […]

    So where do hiring start-ups hire from?

    A start-up that wants to make the hiring process easier for others, looking for developers on other platforms – is it a one-off or the norm? Photo: Getty Images/AFP Bengaluru: Swapnil Vats, founder of recruitment start-up Valonia (Valonia Learning and Recruiting Solutions LLP), wrote last year on his LinkedIn profile that he was looking for […]

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    Indians think Africans are ‘frauds and prostitutes’ ‒ so why do they still come to India to study?

    Photo Credit: Noah Seelam/AFP 21.8K Total Views On the morning of February 6, a few hundred African students gathered on the steps of Bengaluru’s Town Hall, a striking, colonnaded building at the heart of the sprawling metropolis best known as India’s Silicon Valley. Holding posters, some printed and most handwritten, and shouting slogans, they were […]