hooked on greens: 10 veggies That you can develop at domestic

    The practice of growing one’s very own meals isn’t a new component in urban India. human beingshad been known to develop not unusual substances consisting of chillies, peppers, tomatoes, andsimilar plant life in terraces and balconies for generations. but, there are pretty some differentcomponents that may grow quite without problems in your home – as […]

    Urbanears has sweat-soaked headphones, if that is what you are into

    what is the fine manner to sell a line of exercising headphones? nicely, if you‘re Urbanears, providing a “restricted Sweat version” that incorporates the perspiration of real human “movement makers” is how you cross approximately it. The audio enterprise teamed up with seven oldsters from fashion, track andsports on a group of sweat-soaked headphones that […]

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    specialists are hoping that key reforms, which include the GST, the real estate bill, and the Housing For All initiative, will deliver a large push to the Indian realty marketplace.

    authorities initiatives which can boost quarter Commenting at the destiny outlook for the world, Vineet Relia, handling director of SARE houses, says, “a series of structural and coverage reforms have fostered effective sentiments among buyers, builders, in addition to investors, and created an avenue for the sector to carry out higher. The Modi government’spromoting of […]

    Apple Buys Security Firm LegbaCore That Exposed Vulnerabilities in OS X

    Apple has acquired LegbaCore, a security firm that has in the past pointed out vulnerabilities in its firmware. The Cupertino-based company quietly made the acquisition last year. As part of the buyout, which was revealed by security researcher Trammell Hudson in a presentation back last month (via MacRumors), Xeno Kovah and Corey Kallenberg, two researchers […]

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    The $2.6 billion buying binge that felled SunEdison

    SunEdison is the only US-based developer inching toward bankruptcy protection. Photo: New York: Just nine months ago, SunEdison Inc. was Wall Street’s favourite clean-energy company. It sopped up every dollar it could come by to finance a breathtaking buying binge of wind and solar farms, and in the process became the world’s largest renewable-energy company. […]

    Five Things From CES 2016 That You May Actually Want to Buy

    CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the world, kicked off with a sneak peek at what some companies will be exhibiting on the show floor this week. Even with a smaller sampling of exhibitors, there was a dizzying amount of tech to take in – everything from drones to laser-powered gizmos that promise to […]

    The Creepy, Inescapable Advertisements That Could Define Virtual Reality

    When cookie giant Oreo wanted to promote its latest flavors, its marketing heads decided to spice up its traditional TV ads with something not just new, but otherworldly: A virtual-reality-style fly-through of a whimsical, violet-skied fantasyland, where cream filling flows like a river and cookie pieces rocket past the viewer’s head. The 360-degree “Wonder Vault” […]

    France Clears Bill That Could Force Apple to Unlock Terror Data

    French lawmakers backed a plan to impose penalties including jail time on technology executives who deny access to encrypted data during a terrorist investigation, giving security services and prosecutors the power to force companies such as Apple to cooperate. An amendment providing the new power was submitted by the opposition Republicans and, while the government […]

    Some Asus ZenFone 2 Users Complain About Bug That Consumes Inbuilt Storage

    Several Asus ZenFone 2 users are complaining about a bug that’s taking up large amounts of their inbuilt storage space. The users took to Reddit and the company’s ZenTalk forum thread to report the issue. A forum thread titled “Internal Storage Disappearing/Missing/Vanishing” saw an Asus ZenFone 2 user detailing the problem, “Recently I’ve been experiencing […]

    Eight Smartphone Features That Deserve an Award

    Yearly software refreshes to mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, along with the constant app updates by developers means that there’s barely any time to stop and think about the amazing convenience our phones bring to us today. There aren’t any formal awards for small features in phones that nonetheless make a big impact, […]