Imperceptible Wearable Electronics Only Microns Thin

    When we think of wearable electronics, devices such as smartwatches, chest-strap heart monitors, and wrist-worn activity trackers come to mind. In the future, and one that is seemingly not that far away, wearables may look like tattoos that are only microns thick. That may be thanks to researchers from the University of Houston, University of […]

    Laptops: How Thin Can You Get?

    With people going gaga over tablets in 2011 into 2012, what has happened with the laptop? For one thing, it’s getting thinner and thinner. With Apple leading the way, look for new laptops to really shed the pounds in coming months. We’ve got some tech reviews and some other cool gadgets you may want to […]

    Samsung Unveils New Thin Galaxy Tab S2

    Samsung announced on Monday the global launch of its new Galaxy Tab S2. Claiming to have the “thinnest and lightest metal tablet frame of its size on the market”, the Galaxy Tab S2 promises easy portability and superior viewing. The Galaxy Tab S2 will come in two versions. The 9.7-inch option or the smaller 8-inch will both measure […]

    New Thin Film Transistor May Lead to Flexible Electronics

    New Thin Film Transistor May Lead to Flexible Electronics Researchers have invented a thin film transistor that could lead to the development of flexible electronic devices with applications such as display technology, medical imaging and renewable energy production. Researchers were exploring new uses for thin film transistors (TFT), which are most commonly found in low-power, […]