Now What? CEO Asks Users How to Improve Twitter

    Has the future of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) come down to this — asking users for ideas on how to grow? It seems so. On Thursday, Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey took to the site soliciting ideas for Twitter’s future. Follow jack ✔@jack Following in the footsteps of Brian Chesky: what’s the most important thing you […]

    MailChimp Gives Users the Ability to Create Facebook Ad Campaigns

    A company known for more than a decade as a email marketing platform is launching into social media advertising as well.  Email provider Mail Chimp has announced the introduction of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Ad Campaigns, which according to the company will help users engage with existing customers and reach out to new ones. The platform for […]

  • Apple Accused of Breaking FaceTime to Force Users Into iOS Upgrade

    Apple Apple Accused of Breaking FaceTime to Force Users Into iOS Upgrade Don Reisinger Feb 03, 2017 Apple has been slapped with a class-action lawsuit over allegations that it intentionally disabled its FaceTime video conferencing app to get users to update to a new mobile operating system. The lawsuit, which was filed on Thursday with […]

    Small Business Apple Users, MacOS Sierra Is Here

    While Apple might not admit it, the company seems to have a clear preference for iOS, leaving macOS and its users a bit under appreciated. But the company is slowly adding new capabilities to its desktop operating system, making its latest major release, macOS Sierra, the closest it has come so far to an iPhone […]

    What Does Google’s Pixel Phone Line Offer Small Business Users?

    Smartphones are key communication tools in the personal and work life of the connected world we now live in. And with every new phone entering the marketplace, more features are added that increase our reliance on these devices. The long-awaited new Pixel and Pixel XL phones from Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) come with some premium hardware and […]

    15 Best Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Business Users

    Smartphones have changed the way we think about cell phones, because they are no longer just a communication device. A great example of this is mobile first businesses that rely on these devices to carry out almost every task in their organization. For these businesses, cell phone reception is extremely important. Whether the phone is […]

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    Microsoft’s Windows 10 Push Comes to Shove for Some Users

    Microsoft really, REALLY wants you to upgrade to Windows 10.Since last summer, the tech giant has pushed and prodded PC owners to upgrade their machines to its latest Windows version. While the upgrade is currently free for most consumers with Windows PCs, critics say the company’s heavy-handed nudging amounts to an “offer you can’t refuse.” […]

    Netgear Users Advised by CERT to Stop Using These Routers Due to Critical Security Flaw

    HIGHLIGHTS Netgear routers R7000, R6400, and R8000 affected Flaw is trivial unless user is tricked into accessing a URL Vulnerability is known as command injection The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued a warning stating that two of Netgear’s routers – R7000 and R6400 – are potentially vulnerable due to a critical security […]

    Endorse Provides Targeting and Analytics for Coupon Users

    Consumers have been using coupons for years, but with all of today’s online and mobile technology, there has to be an easier way for consumers to get discounts. And for brands, there has to be a better way to target discounts and offers to their best customers. Endorse is an online and mobile couponing service […]