IT Company’s Cloud-ready Transition Tied to Client Needs, Technology Trends

    James Farhat, CEO of Applications Consulting Training Solutions, an ISV and technology solution provider based in Jacksonville, Fla., spoke with Small Business Trends regarding his experience in becoming a cloud-ready IT company and in transitioning his clientele to the cloud. Farhat said that his company’s transition has evolved alongside the needs of his customers and changing […]

    How to Create a Job Description That Will Land the Right Candidate

    Job descriptions are important both to job seekers and employers. They let the candidate know the duties and requirements of the position and what the company will expect regarding performance. They also provide a way for employers to evaluate the job’s importance, its place in the business and to identify the characteristics needed by a […]

    New magnet has nearly massless charge carriers

    Advances in modern electronics has demanded the requisite hardware, transistors, to be smaller in each new iteration. Recent progress in nanotechnology has reduced the size of silicon transistors down to the order of 10 nanometers. However, for such small transistors, other physical effects set in, which limit their functionality. For example, the power consumption and […]

    What The Hell Even Is A Computer? Let This Artist Explain

    Computers have become an unavoidable, intrinsic, indivisible part of culture. And yet, every few years, our culture feels the need to slap itself in the face, Macaulay-Culkin-in-Home-Alone-style, and re-ask itself: Wait, what the fuck are we actually talking about when we talk about “computers,” again? Like, what does that word even mean?  Do you know? Honestly. Take a minute. I’ll wait. [Image: Taeyoon […]

    Debbie’s Deals: Coupons and deals for National Custard Day, Costco, Chipotle, SPENGA, movies, more

    It’s time for the latest freebies, coupons and deals. National Frozen Custard Day Tuesday, August 8 is National Frozen Custard Day. To celebrate, BurgerFi is offering a free small custard with any purchase when you mention the deal at the counter. Thanks to Mariah for this tip. And Freddy’s Steakburgers is offering $1 off all frozen custard treats. Chipotle […]

    Rs 437-crore electronics manufacturing project cleared for Telangana

    An electronics manufacturing cluster will be set up over 310 acres of land in Telangana.(Getty Images/iStockphoto) The government has cleared setting up of a greenfield electronics manufacturing cluster in Telangana with a total project cost of Rs 437 crore, an official source said. Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corp (TSIIC) had submitted the proposal to the […]

    40+ New printable coupons: Crest ($2/1), Covergirl, Froot Loops

    There are over 40 new printable coupons available today including Crest toothpaste ($2/1), Colgate, Covergirl, Right Guard, Arm & Hammer laundry, Dial, Tone, Superpretzel, Froot Loops, Doritos & more! Click the Smart Shopper Printable Coupons link below (in the More on This section) to print these coupons: .50 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes .50 Kellogg’s Froot Loops […]

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    Google fires diversity memo author

    A Google employee who wrote a controversial memo about workplace diversity has been fired, the BBC can confirm. The controversial memo broke the firm’s code of conduct, Google’s chief executive Sundar Pichai said on Monday in an email to employees. The memo, shared widely at the weekend, suggested there were fewer women at Google due to biological […]

  • Would you get on a pilotless plane?

    \How comfortable would you feel getting on a pilotless plane? That is the question millions of people may have to ask themselves in the future if they want to jet off on holiday around the world. As we move closer to a world of driverless cars, which have already been on the road in some […]