3 Tricks To Help You Take Care Of Your Expensive, Delicate Clothing

Take care of your clothes and they’ll take care of you

You have to be disciplined when it comes to the life of clothing

Whether you’re a complete fashionista or avoid shopping like the plague, invariably, one ends up spending a lot of money on clothes. And we’ve all dealt with situations when we’ve dirtied our most expensive clothes and that stubborn stain has never come out, or we’ve abused our favourite piece of clothing so much that we can’t wear it anymore. The sad truth of fashion is, even high quality, expensive clothing will fall apart, if neglected. But the silver lining is that if you invest some time and effort in the process, well-made garments can last for years if taken care of properly. Just like servicing your vehicle or maintaining your apartment, clothes also need some attention and discipline. Here are a few tips to help you preserve your classics and favourites for a long time to come.

Hand-washing is key 
A lot of tags instruct you to dry clean only, but do we ever follow rules? And in this area, it’s a good thing, plenty of dry clean only garments can be washed, your silk blouses or cashmere stoles. Using a delicate detergent or even baby shampoo is the way to go. Start by adding a small amount of liquid detergent to warm water. And instead of stubbornly washing it, swirl the garment in the solution and then wash under running water. Let it hang dry. Use it on sweaters, silks and cottons.

Avoid the dryer at any cost
Keep all your delicate items out of the dryer, especially your bras. The heat breaks the delicate fibres, resulting in rips in your expensive garments. We understand it’s very troublesome and time-consuming to wait for your clothes, especially the intimates, to air dry, but it’s worth the effort. Maybe you could put them out to dry in the night, so that they’re ready for you in the morning.

Steam iron them
It’s always more advisable to use a hand steam iron that will not leave any marks on your garments. And this way, you won’t be scared of burning them either. And make sure you set the heat according to the fabric you’re going to be ironing on.

Do you have any tips to take care of delicate clothing? Tell us in the comments below.


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