5 Secrets to Weight Loss

With the advent of fast food, fast life style there came a silent killer who occasionally made rounds on the daily tabloids. Now we have the whole world talking about it – obesity. People are more aware of it than before and no stone is left unturned to counter-attack it. Most of the common question which comes to us while countering is the way to choose a good path to shred those love handles into six packs or to have a picture perfect summer body.

There can be many ways to lose weight, one can opt for weight training, cardio workouts, circuit trainings but the core ingredients on these paths are dedication, approach, commitment, disciplined lifestyle. Today we look at 5 best secrets that yoga has to offer on weight loss. These tips when put into practice into your regular lifestyle can help you tone your muscles and reduce your weight fast.

Yoga can be considered as a complete package to weight loss as it is not only about yoga poses but about eating habits and considering a good lifestyle for future. Here are the Weight Loss Secrets.

1. The world is not enough :

There is a whole new world waiting for you outside your yoga studio. Treat your yoga practices as incentives or perks. The real test lies in your day-to-day activity and what you eat.  For this conditioning of the mind is a must. Observe your food patterns and try to cut down on carbs after sunset. Going light on the tummy might help you to wake up fresh and since you didn’t include carbs in your last meal, you have actually stopped the process of carbs turning into fat, when your body is resting or at sleep.

2. Don’t lose hope, lose weight :

Remember that the layers of fat around the tummy have been added over the years. We tend to loose hope and break away easily from the pattern. The important thing here is to believe in the practice and continuing the practice. Yoga helps to reduce weight over a period of time and not instantly. Our minds are conditioned for quick results these days but we tend to forget that there is no other alternative to sweating it out. Partner with a buddy who can encourage you to work out religiously and vice versa. This will enhance your yoga workouts and they will be more fun.

3. Imagine your body as your bank account :

The no. of calories you intake in a day against the no. of calories you burn in a day gives you the deposit for the day. Try to bridge this gap by reducing the intake and increasing the no. of calories burnt. You require a minimum no. of calories in a day to sustain your life therefore it is not advisable to go on a strict diet. Most of the diets are fads and one tends to put on weight once they are out of it. Hence burning the balanced calories is the way to go. Having meals on time will reduce the pseudo hunger call of the body. Also breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner should be like a pauper. We tend to reverse the saying which accounts for ample no. of calories unused for the day.

4. Surprise your body :

By doing different yoga poses. For example if you have been doing trikonasana for the abs, try doing the child pose. Working or attacking the muscle from different angles will ensure inch loss. Inch loss cannot be a substitute for weight loss but will help you to get the picture perfect image which we aim to get. Learn new yoga poses for working of same muscle group. Yoga has a variety of poses to offer which can help you add a variety in your workout.

5. Beat the boredom :

With going that extra mile. Many times we tend to get bored with our yoga practices. Thinking that it is not working out or you need a break. Approach your exercises with more intensity and stretch your workout for a longer period of time. This will help you to break the pattern or conditioning of the mind. Make most of the weekends by adding cardio training before your yoga session. Once the body is tuned to your yoga practices, your weight reduction can hit a plateau. These extra long sessions can help to break these plateaus.

These secrets are well known facts but we tend to condition the mind as per our liking and turn a blind face knowing what is best for our bodies. Listening to the body plays an important role, don’t go over the board with excessive work outs or strict diets, balanced mind, body and approach will take you long way.


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