Best free GarageBand for Mac plugins
  • TyrellN6
  • MFreeEffectsBundle
  • Voxengo OldSkoolVerb
  • LePou Guitar Amps
  • Crystal
  • TAL-Vocoder 2
  • Blue Cat
  • Sonimus SonEQ
  • Amplitube 4
  • Superior Drummer 2.0
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Best free GarageBand for Mac plugins: TyrellN6

As the name will no doubt suggest to science fiction fans, TyrellN6 brings the futuristic synth tones of Vangelis’ score from Blade Runner to GarageBand.

This cool plugin actually started out life in a German online magazine when the readers exchanged ideas about how to build a hardware synth based on the classic Roland Juno 60. The cost of creating this proved too much, but u-HE took the idea and created a software version instead.

Download TyrellN6 for free

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