Who Buys Smart Home Tech? Test Your Knowledge of the Home-Tech Market

Who Buys Smart Home Tech? Test Your Knowledge of the Home-Tech Market

Integrators are pretty well connected to the technology out there, but sometimes can be a bit disconnected from the general public sensibility. It can happen easily, especially if your average clientele tend to be affluent and your typical project is large. But staying in touch with consumer sentiment today is vital… you never know when the next Sonos is going to pop up. Integrators don’t want to miss the boat or be behind the curve.  Even more embarrassing is when potential clients actually know more about certain new technologies than you do… the expert.

Three recent studies – one conducted jointly by CEDIA and HomeAdvisor.com, one from Parks Associates, and one by CE Pro’s sister publication Electronic House– offer insight into what consumers are seeking, the demographic profile of smart-home buyers, and even their income levels compared to DIY buyers.  Integrators who have moved into the mid-market with more affordable offerings say they have not lost any of their higher-end business, but are reaching clients they never would have gotten otherwise.

As one integrator tells CE Pro, “We believe firmly that DIY is part of our future and not a fad. We let people be more interactive with their system. We believe this is only going to complement our traditional business.”

Take this short 6-question study to determine how well you really know today’s consumers and their wants.


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