Fidelity marks down start-ups; e-commerce firms to restructure businesses

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What to watch out for

New online marketplace rules fail to halt discounts, for now

If you were worried that the new government rules for Internet companies will mean the end of eye-popping discounts on popular online marketplaces, breathe easy, at least for now.

E-commerce firms will have to restructure businesses

A day after the government approved foreign direct investment (FDI) with riders in online marketplaces, law experts said many e-commerce companies will have torework their already complex corporate structures, adding that there was little clarity on the impact of new laws on Internet companies.

Delivery start-ups explore additional income streams

With investors turning increasingly cautious, hyperlocal delivery start-ups are exploring additional revenue streamssuch as advertisements and promotions to try and mitigate the impact of losses incurred by their core offerings.

OnePlus’s Pete Lau on entrepreneurship and his flagship killer

What the world is talking about

Google also has been ordered to help unlock phones, records show

Google has been repeatedly ordered to help federal agents open cellphones, according to court records in seven states that show Apple Inc. isn’t the only company facing government demands at the centre of a fierce debate over privacy and security. Read more .

FBI agrees to unlock iPhone for Arkansas prosecutor

The FBI, which just a few days ago was attempting to convince the country of its helplessness in the face of encrypted iPhones, has offered its assistance in unlocking an iPhone and iPod for a prosecutor in Arkansas, the Associated Press reports. Read more .

People are spending lots of time, not money, on their phones

Shopping on mobile phones is growing at its fastest rate ever. But there’s still a huge gap between how much time shoppers spend on mobile websites and apps, and the percentage of total e-commerce sales that happen on these mobile sites. Read more .

Twitter may not carve out messaging as separate app

Some executives at Twitter have pitched the idea of launching a separate messaging app. Read more .

Are young people leaving Facebook?

Not even remotely. Read more .

Funding news

Fidelity marks down startups including Dropbox, Zenefits.

For the geeks

Why the Oculus Rift won’t go the way of Google Glass.


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