ICYMI: Top 5 home & garden stories this week

WATCH: Now that’s how you renovate a kitchen!

For her new BBC2 series At My Table, Nigella is ensconced in a brand-new kitchen, a place of wonder and brick-sized waffle irons; a veritable treasure trove of culinary hardware and all-round foodie grooviness.

Nigella Lawson. Picture: Reuters

5 hacks to get the most out of your USB flash drive

Did you know this storage device can do much more? Marchelle Abrahams investigates…

Perkalgifts produces beverage can, Rubix Cube and Message in a Bottle USBs. See www. perkalgifts.co.za

6 security tips to protect data online

Industry expert offers pointers on how best to protect yourself from identity theft.

#Dataleaks happens to be the largest known personal data breach to date in South Africa. Picture: Flickr.com

All you need to know about boreholes

Domestic boreholes are the most recent addition to the growing eco-friendly and energy-efficient property trend.

Limestone chips are used to filter borehole water for drinking.

Sud’s law: Here’s how to wash the dishes properly

With millions now relying on dishwashers to clean our pots and pans, many of us have apparently forgotten how to carry out the task properly by hand.

Domestic gurus at the Good Housekeeping Institute say you should begin with glasses, before moving on to mugs and then cups.


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