Intel declares subsequent-Gen ‘Apollo Lake’ Platform For cheap ‘Cloudbook’ computers

Intel Announces Next-Gen 'Apollo Lake' Platform For Affordable 'Cloudbook' PCs

Intel officially introduced its new Apollo Lake platform for affordable desktops at the 2016 version of the once a year Intel developers discussion board in Shenzhen, China. CPUs based totally in this layoutcane be used for a variety of device sorts, but the corporation is mainly focused on the brand newnetbook-like “cloudbook” category of inexpensive clamshell gadgets.

Apollo Lake is based on the 14nm Goldmont microarchitecture refresh, and will be triumphant Braswell. The very last products can be branded Atom, Celeron or Pentium. Intel’s pitch to product designers andproducers promises support for low-fee garage and strength delivery additives, in addition toadvanced overall performance and battery life.

Apollo Lake processors may have as much as 4 CPU cores and a ninthera GPU. hardware support for the HEVC and VP9 video codecs has been beefed up, and Intel also promises USB kind-C which may be serve double duty for facts transfers and charging. producers could be able to solder storage and RAMadditives to reduce device length, price and complexity. advanced strength traits may want to permit for smaller and less expensive batteries, and thereby thinner and lighter structures as well.

even as the new platform may be used to build an expansion of gadgets, Intel is particularly interested in the accessstage “cloudbook” product class which it says all predominant brands are pushing. gadgetsincluding HP’s stream eleven, Dell’s new Inspiron 11 3000 and Acer’s Aspire One Cloudbook are all examples of such gadgets.
inspired with the aid of Google’s Chromebook concept, such devices commonly feature most effective32GB of internal storage, 2GB of RAM, and eleven.6-inch 1366×768-pixel displays. They run windows and feature bundled subscriptions to various online services. some may be convertible 2-in-1s with touchscreens. Such products are generally priced at $one hundred seventy-270 (though fees in Indiastart at just beneath Rs. 20,000). Intel says over 5 million such devices have been sold because the 2014excursion refresh cycle.

products based totally on Apollo Lake will start transport in the direction of the cease of 2016. specificCPU model numbers and speeds might be regarded towards then. different Goldmont-based totallysystems beneath the ones identical brands could be targeted at different product categories which includes tablets, all-in-ones, compact computers, or even the embedded and server areas.

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