Make Your Recovery Experience Hassle-Free With EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS data recovery software is one of the best recovery software available today. The software offers effective tools for recovering data, while utilizing a solid and interactive interface to optimize the user experience. The recovery software is easy to use and can easily be used by even a beginner.

Supporting Devices

The data recovery software can help you recover mistakenly deleted files or files, which are inaccessible due to certain situations like system crash, OS crash, lost partitions, virus attacks, malware, corrupted disks, formatted disks etc. Moreover, the software extends supports for various secondary storage devices, such as iPods, pen drives, flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, CD/DVDs, media players, MP4 player etc.


The software is available in four different packages, which are Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE and Technical. The first package, as the name suggests, is free of cost. However, it comes with a certain limitation that the user is only able to recover 2 GB worth of data. It is a great package to understand the capabilities of the software first hand. If the user wishes to recover more data, they may choose from Pro or Pro+WinPE. These are single user packages and offer unlimited amount of data recovery as well as additional technical support to the user. The technical pack also features similar features, however, it extends upon the license and is mainly for commercial purpose, where the firm wants to extend the software support to their own clients.

Data Remnants & Scanning

The software is able to recover files due to data remnants, which are left lying in the disk after the files have been deleted or lost. The software locates these remnants, and with the help of these, it reconstructs the original files.

There are two scan modes, which the software use to do this. These are quick scan mode and deep scan mode, both coming with their own advantages and purposes. The quick scan mode is a faster mode, which quickly scans the disk for remnants, and can particularly help in recycle bin recovery by easily recovering files, which have been permanently deleted from the recycle bin. As soon as the mode finishes, the user has the option to choose and recover from the results, or continue with the deep scan mode, which is automatically initiated.

The deep scan mode is an advanced mode, which deeply scans the drive for hidden and inaccessible files. It finds all files, which were previously skipped by the quick scan mode. It brings forth more results, and displays all the files which had been deleted some time in past. Due to this, it makes more time than the initial search.

By making use of these various features, EaseUS Data Recovery software makes sure that the search process is simpler and fluid, with everything being automatic so user input is kept to minimal. This greatly helps people who are not adept in using computers, or are first time users of the software.

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