Microsoft’s Near Share to Bring AirDrop-Like Experience to Windows 10

Microsoft's Near Share to Bring AirDrop-Like Experience to Windows 10


  • Latest Windows 10 Insider Build includes Near Share feature
  • The feature uses Bluetooth to enable wireless file transfer functionality
  • The new Insider Preview build also has “Mute-a-Tab” option on Edge

Attempting to counter Apple, Microsoft has built its own AirDrop alternative for Windows 10 which it calls “Near Share”. The new feature has started been in testing in the latest Insider build (17035) of the latest Windows platform and is compatible with all the systems that have Bluetooth support.

As its name suggests, Windows 10’s Near Share feature allows you to share your files and URLs to nearby Windows PCs via Bluetooth. You can start sharing content after turning on the Near Share option that comes as a quick action in the Action Centre. If a nearby PC user shares the content with you, you’ll receive a notification that you need to accept to get initiate the sharing.

Your Windows 10 system needs to be based on RS4 Build 17035 or above to enable sharing through Near Share. Moreover, default apps such as Photos, Microsoft Edge, and File Explorer will have a Share icon that gives wireless transfer access with one click.

In case you don’t see the Near Share quick action in your Action Center, you can add it by going to Settings > Notifications & Action > Add or remove quick actions.

Similar to Apple’s AirDrop on macOS and iOS, Microsoft’s Near Share is currently exclusive to Windows 10. But the scope of both the features is similar – revolving around wireless transfer. Earlier this week, Google even spotted with its own wireless transfer app for Android devices called Files Go. The lightweight app was seemed to be designed for emerging markets.

Alongside the Near Share feature, the Insider Preview Build 17035 of Windows 10 brings “Mute a Tab” functionality to Microsoft Edge. The new development allows you to mute a tab playing sound by clicking a dedicated audio icon. Google’s Chrome browser has offered a similar feature for a long time.

The new Windows 10 Insider build also includes an option to save free EPUB books from Microsoft Edge, context menu options for books, and a bunch of improvements in terms of software updates, sound, ease of access and keyboard layouts. Besides, there are many bug fixes and performance enhancements as well as Surface hardware listing on Microsoft Store app.


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