The name of the game Garden: Unexpected Splendor Beneath This Mumbai Flyover

Nanalal D Mehta Lawn underneath Tulpule Flyover on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Avenue, Mumbai
Empty space under a flyover in Mumbai is converted right into a Garden.
The newly opened Nanalal D Mehta Lawn is located beneath Tulpule Flyover.
One Matunga, a NGO, took the initiative of creating this park.
The underbelly of a flyover is hardly the spot you’ll select wherein to relax with buddies or even as away a lazy couple of hours, right? Probabilities are, the underside of Tulpule Flyover on Dr Babasaheb AmbedkarRoad in Mumbai will exchange your thoughts.

Underneath the flyover lies the newly-opened Nanalal D Mehta Lawn, a park that turned into transformedfrom concrete right into a inexperienced patch via the local residents of Matunga. The citizens workedhard to make sure that the gap changed into applied well – they planted timber, established benches and used colourful lighting to beautify this place.

Consistent with records posted on Fb, a NGO named One Matunga took the initiative of transforming the empty area right into a lush pathway for commuters. The Lawn is now getting used as a thoroughfare by using pedestrians.

These images exhibit an revolutionary use of space, remodeling a stretch of urban desert into a bit piece of paradise.
Time for different metro towns to observe fit, would not you compromise?

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