NanoMads’ to Tackle Mongol Rally Undertaking For Charity

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As many as 18000 kilometres via 17 nations, five mountain tiers and 3 deserts from London to Mongolia – the Mongol Rally is ready to be an epic journey for three Bangaloreans – Sunaina Pamudurthy, Bhairav Kuttaiah and Binoy John. The trio is hoping to grow to be the first Indian crew to take at the Challenge in an Indian automobile, the TATA Nano.
Having chosen the Nano as their selected vehicle for the rally, the ‘NanoMads’, as they may be calling themselves, have raised quite a few eyebrows.
Bhairav Kuttaiah remembers, “One of the funniest reactions that we get is so that it will you men evenmatch in the automobile? Vinod and i are both six feet tall but we’re pretty relaxed within the returnedseat. We’re going to simply allow Sunaina do the riding!”
Sunaina Pamudurthy told group NDTV approximately how every body become very skepticalapproximately the Nano at the start. “They suppose we won’t live to tell the tale the Autobahn in Germany due to the fact there’s a minimum speed there. They sense that we won’t also be able to movethe borders there.”
Why the Nano then? Properly, because, the NanoMads need to be the first Indian crew in an all Indianvehicle to pass the finish line at the rally.
The Mongol Rally is not a race to the finish however an staying power Challenge for charity. It has a unique set of guidelines. For starters, you’re completely to your personal and that means there aren’t any pre-special routes, no maps to follow and no logistical help from the organisers.
The contributors can best power in a automobile it is no longer customised for a rally. What is extra, it’s miles obligatory for the groups to elevate at the least 1000 pounds for charity.
The NanoMads even though need to raise close to 1,000,000 dollars for the ‘Make a Distinctionbasis, an NGO that supports kids and provides them refuge homes in Bangalore.
team member John insists that charity is certainly their biggest using pressure. “The majority just ask us ifwe are loopy and sure, and we are loopy sufficient to make the Difference,” he said.
The trio realises that the rally will be an epic adventure with some of limitations along the manner. Kuttaiah is expecting some severe challenges. “There might be large tracks wherein we are able to bedriving in whole desert. There may be Siberian bears, sand spiders, snakes and others along the way.Also there might be extremities of exchange in weather and temperatures.”
In order the NanoMads put together for what may be the toughest journey of their existence, they makemild of the situation by announcing if they can drive on the roads of Bangalore, they may be preparedfor something!

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