New Clothing Delivery Service Debuts For Bedhopping Men Who Still Have To Dress For Work


Millennials might be killing a number of businesses, from chain restaurants to classic department stores. But on the upside, they’re challenging retailers to tackle new challenges, like this one, from men’s clothing brand TAYLRD: a same-day clothing shipping option, debuting in New York City on August 28.

According to market research commissioned by TAYLRD, a whopping 57% of 1000 millennial male respondents have worn the same outfit to work as the day before, because they had a one-night stand and didn’t have time to go home and change. In the Northeast, that number rises to 70%, making dudes from the Tri State Area and beyond either the most promiscuous, or least committed to personal hygiene, depending on your take.

These guys have Tom Dwyer, founder of TAYLRD, to thank for rescuing them from the dreaded Weekday of Shame.Imagine giving a work presentation in button-down reeking of sweat and conquest. Now, instead of waiting outside of H&M until it opens, a guy can order a new outfit to be delivered to his desk, as quickly and easily as he orders a bacon, egg and cheese to help with his hangover.

TAYLRD launched earlier this month, the brainchild of 27-year-old Dwyer, who has a background in the shipping industry. The company offers an office-appropriate assortment of chinos and oxfords, all priced under $80.

The same research shows that millennial men aren’t always so good at dressing themselves. Seventy percent of respondents admitted to knowingly wearing stained or dirty clothing to work, even on days when they woke up in their own beds. And when they do wear clean clothes, they probably have their mothers to thank: 40% confessed that their moms had bought them an outfit within the past six months.

Same-day shipping is becoming increasingly common in cities, with Amazon leading the way through its Prime service. But TAYLRD is the first to explicitly court the demographic of gainfully employed young men that might also be described as single-and-slovenly, and to try to convince these guys to do better. The price for TAYLRD’s same-day shipping service will be $20.

With Dwyer’s background in logistics, it will be interesting to see how he handles the challenge of dispatching orders within a matter of hours. Expect the true test of his prowess to come on the city’s annual, unofficial, celebration of the walk of shame, on Wednesday, November 1: the morning after Halloween.

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