PICTURES: Range of graceful clothing for Eid

Nasheeta Joseph Kamish.Cape Town – Fashion designer Nasheeta Joseph Kamish is building a fashion empire – one stitch at a time. Her Infiniti Collection’s Eid range is inspired by international trends and celebrates the modest movement.

She says her range incorporates bling – hand-stitched glass pearls, pleated frills and sequins – and velour.

Planning for Eid fashion started in January, usually the busiest time for designers producing modest apparel.

Joseph Kamish, who studied fashion design, said limited ranges were produced for exclusivity, and items had longer sleeves and hemlines and higher necklines.

“Jumpsuits are so big right now, and velour fabric is coming through a lot. People are also looking for coats because of the (winter) season,” she said. Clothing from her Infiniti Collection is sold at her boutique, Workshop Modesty, on Imam Haron Road, Claremont.

She opened the shop nearly three years ago when she needed an outlet for her designs, and it now sells clothing from 12 brands including Streetlines, Kalathea Clothing, Frilly Lilly, Gadija Khan and Eesra Clothing, providing wearers of modest clothing with many options under one roof.

Fashion items for Eid had always been popular, Joseph Kamish said, even before the term “modest fashion” was coined.

In the past, local Muslim women would have their Eid outfits made at dressmakers. Her grandmother was a dressmaker, who “would be so busy making everyone else’s outfits, we would get ours on Eid morning”.

She said of her shop’s Eid clothing: “The season dictates what we design for Eid. We put a lot of thought into it. Everything needs to match, the dress, the shoes, the scarf…”


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