T-Mobile US is bringing back the Unlimited Google Photos storage

    Last year Google stopped offering unlimited photo backup, which saved photos at a reduced quality, after discontinuing the original quality storage that was available to Pixel buyers. Now there’s a way to get it back, however, instead of being exclusive to Pixel owners, it will only be available to T-Mobile subscribers in the US. The $15 a month plan […]

    Bringing computer education up to code

    Inside the gymnasium of Bishop Woods Architecture & Design Magnet School in New Haven, about 150 students are showing off the results of months of computer programming work. It’s the last big event of Code Haven, an ongoing alliance between Yale undergraduate students and the New Haven Public Schools. In addition to Bishop Woods, the students […]


    For a lot of people (male, female, non-binary), finding clothing that’s comfortable and isn’t confined to a gender-specific label is no easy feat. Dannielle Owens-Reid is one of those people. For her, some clothes were too masculine and some were too feminine, and she knew too many people who were encountering the same problem. Owens-Reid […]

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    Toyota is bringing back Dean Kamen’s stair-hiking wheelchair

    don’t forget Dean Kamen’s iBot wheelchair? Its uniquely adjustable wheel orientation gave sufferers the freedom to climb stairs and efficiently stand upright, however its high charge ($25,000) knocked it off themarketplace in 2009. nicely, it is poised for a comeback: Toyota is partnering with Dean Kamen’s DEKA toexpand the subsequent generation of iBot. Neither company […]

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    Samsung Is Bringing Virtual Reality Tech to Roller Coasters

    Samsung, one of the frontrunners in the nascent virtual reality space, wants to blend the best of the real world and the virtual world into one. The South Korean technology conglomerate has teamed up with Six Flags Entertainment to launch nine roller coasters powered by Gear VR headsets in North America. As part of the […]

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    Bringing tech to tutors—Vidyanext

    Vidyanext is unique in that it consciously stayed away from an online-only model or self-paced courses—two models that most start-ups in this sector adopt. Bengaluru: You are a parent. You want to find a good tutor for your school-going child. You want the best of technology-enabled solutions for them. What do you do? You either […]