Follow traffic rules, get discount coupons in return

    We’ve seen an array of brands trying to educate commuters on road safety in their respective communications in the past. Be it Mumbai Police’s quirky tweets to mark Road Safety week or Hyundai’s Shah Rukh Khan -starrer #BeTheBetterGuycampaign, the brands tend to invest a fortune on such communications. Here’s something a little different from what all we’ve seen […]

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    Want Business Opportunities to Find You? Follow These 4 Steps on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a great tool to help you grow your company, find job candidates, attract key employees, even find a buyer for your business.  Whatever your objective, LinkedIn can be a remarkably effective tool, yet is misunderstood and underutilized by most CEOs/entrepreneurs I talk with.  Like any other tool, it becomes more effective the more […]

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    Kickstarter Adds a Follow Feature, Makes the Funding Platform More Social

    In news of interest to crowdfunding entrepreneurs, Kickstarter recently rolled out a new ‘Follow’ feature that allows users to follow creators directly and be first to find out when their next projects launch. Once you follow a Kickstarter creator, you’ll also be notified when they’ve backed a project that’s just getting off the ground, the […]

    Xbox One distinctive games available Offline, Xbox One to follow soon

    one of the extra charming elements of the Xbox One and its lineup of first-celebration one-of-a-kindvideo games in India is their availability. They were distinctive to Amazon for almost a year. This wasfollowed by using availability at Microsoft precedence shops (MPS) – brick and mortar shops that sellMicrosoft products inside the usa – and at […]