Factory workers making Ivanka Trump’s clothing in Indonesia complain of verbal abuse, low-wages

    President Donald Trump listens as his daughter, Ivanka Trump, speaks at a workforce development roundtable in June. (ANDREW HARNIK/AP) Factory workers producing Ivanka Trump’s clothing in Indonesia have complained of verbal abuse and low wages, according to a report. Dozens of workers at PT Buma Apparel Industry factory in Subang, Indonesia, who spoke with The […]

    3 Things You Need To Know When Making Green Claims About Products

    As more consumers look for greener choices in the marketplace, it’s not surprising that marketers are focusing on the environmental benefits of their products. However, green claims, as with any other advertising claim, must be backed up by sound science. Green advertising claims – whether in the form of product marketing, packaging or promotion – […]

    Apple’s Next Big Challenge: Making Siri Smarter

    HIGHLIGHTS Apple is set to announce a better Siri version at WWDC on Monday. Besides Siri, Apple Watch 2 and macOS are also to debut. As per reports, Siri will be open to devs now. Apple’s Siri made a big splash when the wisecracking digital assistant debuted on the iPhone five years ago. But as […]

    Are You Making These 3 Ecommerce Website Design Mistakes?

    The growth of the ecommerce industry has been very rapid over the past few years. Many organizations and individuals are selling different products and services online to the point where the competition has gotten fierce and is even getting fiercer as everyone, through their ecommerce sites, fight for the attention of customers. This makes the design […]

    17 Tips and WiFi Tech for Making Your Office Smarter

    Having a small business does not mean you cannot have all the latest tech. You can move your small business or home office into the future by installing some of these WiFi devices. Begin making your work life easier by making your office smarter with these smart office solutions below. Belkin Instant Switch The Belkin instant […]

    Why Are such a lot of corporations Making Cardboard Headsets in 2016?

    HIGHLIGHTS lots of companies are actually beginning to sell Google Cardboard headsets Google has already introduced the successor to Cardboard – Dayream Daydream headsets may not be on the market for any other six months The marketplace is getting saturated with Cardboard VR headsets – what should were a beachhead in themarch of digital fact […]

    Apple, Beats Making wi-fi Earphones to release With iPhone 7: file

    extra reports are hinting on the loss of life of three.5mm headphone jack in the next iPhone. in keeping with a new media record, Apple is working with Beats Electronics, the audio merchandise agency itobtained two years ago, to broaden “simply wi-fi” earphones – that’s to mention, there wi-fi earphones will function no wires between […]

    Making Electronics from Unrefined Coal

    A sample of pulverized coal with several test devices made by MIT researchers. (Image courtesy of MIT.) Engineers are aiming to change the way coal is used by repurposing it from combustible fuel into electronic devices for a variety of industries, including energy, aviation and healthcare. Even though coal has been one of the most […]

    Making wearables extra useful and clever homes less of a chore

    Wearables might be set day-to-day get an entire lot greater beneficial in future if research being conductedby Carnegie Mellon university’s future Interfaces organization is indicative of the direction of travel. while many companies, massive and small, were leaping inevery day the wearables area in recent years, the use-instances for these gadgets frequently feels superficial — […]