Study Looks to Help Inform Electronics Materials Management

    Staples has offered drop-off sites for wasted electronics at its stores since 2007 and now accepts up to seven pieces a day free. Since that time, more retailers and manufacturers have worked to help divert fast-accumulating discarded electronics. But managing these materials remains a pressing challenge, especially as the stream continues to evolve, as a […]

    New High-Speed Quantum Encryption Could Thwart Hackers: Study

    Scientists have developed a high-speed encryption system that can protect against the common security attacks, even if the equipment has flaws that could make it vulnerable to leaks. The system is capable of distributing encryption codes at megabit-per-second rates, five to 10 times faster than existing methods and on par with current Internet speeds when […]

    Home gardens on the wane, says land use pattern study

    Kochi: A study jointly conducted by the College of Forestry and Canada’s McGill University on the land use pattern of the state observed that there was a general decline in both the production and importance of home garden crops in the average Kerala household. The study also contradicted the popular belief that plantations were replacing home gardens in state. The study […]

    Google spin-off deploys wearable electronics for huge health study

    Researchers are testing whether smart watches and similar devices, currently popular among runners, can be integrated into medicine. On the morning of Tuesday 27 June, a young man walked into an office in northern California, signed a consent form and picked up two devices that will monitor his heartbeat, sleep patterns and a range of […]

    Study: Most shoppers use grocery coupons

    A new study shows most shoppers use coupons at the grocery store. According to the 2017 Coupon Intelligence Report, nine out of 10 shoppers said they use coupons when they buy groceries. 15% of shoppers said they always use coupons. That’s up from 10% in 2016. More than half of shoppers — 64% — said […]

    ‘Sexy’ clothing makes women seem more intelligent, study says

    Unfortunately, women are still being judged by their looks Getty Images/iStockphoto It feels like women are constantly being told what to wear in order to make them look better, slimmer and more attractive because, believe it or not, in 2017 women are still being judged primarily by their looks. Yawn. It feels like women are […]

    37 Percent of Discussions on Gig Economy Negative, Study Finds

    Media calls it the force that could save the American worker. But independent workers feel differently about the gig economy. According to a new media analysis by Cision, on behalf of The Rockefeller Foundation, about 37 percent of overall discussions on gig economy is negative. Clearly, there’s a “disconnect between news coverage of the independent […]


    12:07 PM, 1 Jan, 2017 0 The study showed that using a computer might be a positive influence as we enter our twilight years. A study released today strengthens the ever-deepening connections between maintaining a busy brain and reducing the risk of cognitive decline in later life. As we age, our brain faces an inevitable […]

    Price, Shipping Costs Motivate International Buyers, PayPal Study Finds

    Good news for online merchants selling products and services to customers in international markets. According to a new PayPal Cross-Border Consumer Research 2015 report (PDF), cross-border sales are on the rise, and the U.S. is the most preferred destination for online shopping. The findings reveal a number of interesting consumer insights. Key Takeaways The research investigated […]