2016 Pinterest Trends – What’s Next This Year?

    Does Pinterest still matter? Once it was the dominant visual social media network. But now Instagram and a host of trendier platforms, like Periscope and Snapchat, have solidly dethroned Pinterest’s claim as the visual network du jour. But don’t count it out of your social media strategy just yet. Pinterest, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, remains an important space for businesses to “nurture, maintain […]

    2016—the year of discounted valuations

    The speculation is about which two will first join hands in 2016 to compete with the US leader—Amazon—that has doubled in market cap in the last year and remains the formidable force to reckon with. Photo: Bloomberg 2015 was the year of discounted products. 2016 will be the year of discounted valuations. When will be […]

    A Technology Wish List for New Year 2016

    This past year brought lots of new products, services and features – including a few that even managed to improve everyday life. For instance, a double tap of the home button on Samsung’s newest phones instantly launches the camera, so you’re less likely to miss that magical moment. TiVo has a smart way to skip […]