contact-pores and skin to function your Smartwatch

    Engineers at Carnegie Mellon university have evolved a alternatively thrilling method of interacting with your smartwatch. In a thrilling new development, addition in their designed board turns your skin right into a touchscreen on your smartwatch. Who is aware of, you received’t even purchase a phone in someyears. picture credits: CMU image credit: CMU Navigating […]

    Map Your built-inityintegrated with out satellite Navigation

    Smartphones, builtintegrated smartwatches, health trackers and other wearables are approximately to getbetter at guidintegratedg users and mappintegratedg their built-ing achievements even built-in whichsatellite navigation cannot paintings, integrated the contemporary electronic compass (eCompass) from STMicroelectronics. fitness–tracking phone apps, smartwatches, and bands want built-incontbuiltintegrated region built-infor mappintegratedg and recordintegratedg, and accuracy is essential for wearers who want […]

    grow YOUR own CURRY

    landscape gardener Christina Erskine aka Zia Mays shares her spice secrets beforehand of her nextsupper membership on November 29 with award-winning blogger Ms Marmite Lover, the name of the game garden club: develop Your very own Curry, where visitors will enjoy a gardening lessonaccompanied with the aid of a scrumptious meal. Ms Marmite Lover’s recipe […]

    eat YOUR (TINY) veggies

    landscape gardener Christina Erskine aka Zia Mays, co-host of the name of the game garden membershipwith cookbook creator and award-winning blogger Ms Marmite Lover, shares her tiny green secrets and techniques Kerstin Rodgers MsMarmitelover’s recipe Ms Marmite Lover’s recipe for Carrot Couscous with Sprouted Legumes Salad a way to grow MICRO greens the newness of […]

    Your guide to shopping for a home in greater Noida

    Amidst the gloom inside the real property marketplace, as a result of terrible income and high ranges of unsold inventory, more Noida keeps to outshine different neighbouring markets in the country wideCapital area (NCR). The greater Noida market, that’s towards east Delhi and Noida, is divided basicallyinto two areas – areas near Noida and the […]

    This Wrong Command Could Brick Your Linux Laptop

    If you have a Linux-powered computer, you would want to be extra careful when erasing your existing build from the device. Turns out, one command can end up bricking your device. The issue was first reported by a user last month on Linux Arch forum. The user noted that he executed the “rm -rf –no-preserve-root […]

    Valve Now Lets You Make Your Own Steam Controller

    Valve now allows you to make your own Steam Controller. What’s more is that the company is encouraging users to share their designs with the community. “We are releasing the mechanical CAD geometry for the Steam Controller and are eager to see the accessories and variations that come from your creativity. We are making available, […]

    This Gadget Can Turn Your Phone Into a 3D Printer

    A US-based company claims to have created a portable device that lets users create 3D prints by using the light from their smartphone screen. The gadget called OLO is designed to be simple, consisting of three plastic pieces, one chip, and one motor, all operated by four AA batteries. It measures 720x1150x1480mm and weighs 780 […]