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IT people working with database understands the need of SQL for their work, very well. However, like every field of IT, SQL is also going through some of the advancement stages. Due to that, a training for updating yourself is very much essential. Here are the the top things, the new SQL is having. Work on them and improve yours skills.

Studio Support

  • One of the top things that IT professionals will get from the new SQL is the admin power.
  • The system is completely integrated and open with dialog settings.
  • The new SQL is having a system through which, database can be shared between two management studios.
  • Now, the database can be downloaded even in the XLS format and can be easily send to the admin for review functions.
  • Improved help functions allow the users to directly get in touch with Microsoft officials and other communities. One can easily follow the comments and email the messages to the different communities.

Ease of scripting

This is an extended feature, training of which can be availed through Python, Mysql And Django Online Course. Here are some of the top supports the system is going to give:

  • Custom Template creating option has been provided in the new version.
  • You can write or edit new queries and for that there is no need of a connection to the server.
  • You can view the results in the form of XML – this is a total new option for you.

Searching support

The new tool is having some of the extended searching aid –

  • One can make a search now with the full name or even through parts of the name, date and even scheme.
  • Objects now can be filtered with the help of Meta Data.
  • Finally, connecting to the server agent is much easier now, with administrative replication servers.


The new SQL is not having any sort of extension. However, there are some of the third parties, who do provide such features. Microsoft wouldn’t take the responsibility of those or even your system that is connected with such extensions. Hence, while one wants to connect with Microsoft for help, it is suggested that the extensions are to be uninstalled. On the other hand, Microsoft do not even discourage the extensions too, or not even put a ban on all those. The simple thing is that, when you are going to purchase of the SQL license, there will be no extension attached with it. How the extensions are to be installed and how to manage them can be learned from Mysql Training Course In Seattle.

The above few things clearly states, what is there in the system and how to get the support from the new SQL. The new interface is so much innovative and collaborative that even the experts will have to undergo a training for the usage support. So, go for the different training and access your database with better smoothness. This is the most effective way to expand your IT career – update yourself every time.

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