WATCH Guy builds his own iPhone 6s using spare parts from Shenzhen electronics market


A tech geek recently set out on the ultimate DIY project, trying to build his own iPhone 6s piece by piece using only parts he could scrounge up from the sprawling Huaqiangbei electronics markets of Shenzhen. A few months later, it was mission complete.

Scotty Allen, the creator of the YouTube channel Strange Parts, documented his journey in a nearly 24 minute long video that is now nearing 2 million views. While the video is fascinating, it should be noted that some tech media outlets have expressed a bit of skepticism about Allen’s incredible feat.

“There’s a chance this guy is messing with us and bent the truth,” Gizmodo writes.

Of course, there’s also the chance that he did not. If you want to build your own iPhone as well check out the video below for a start. Apparently, all it takes is a lot of technological know-how and even more patience.Because there were more than a few bumps on the road, Allen estimates that he spent “well over” $1,000 on tools and components he never actually put to use. But, he claims that the parts he used to build the phone itself cost about $300 in total. On the official Apple store, an iPhone 6s retails at $549.


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