7 proven tips that will Drastically save your Battery

Smartphones are getting better and better with the time and

now they are getting closer to the future, I mean just look at the
Oppo Find X. Now Smartphone companies are working hard and producing some great smartphones with some great features.
And when it comes to Today’s Smartphones everything is changed The camera, The screen, The
Design, The processors, They all are become more powerful
than ever before.

But one thing that is been the same from the very first Android smartphone HTC Dream is they all using Lithium-ion
Batteries in their Smartphones till today. And I think it should
be changed too because those battery suckers like AMOLED Screen, Heavy apps and games, Bigger screen sizes did
affect the battery.
For now it’s impossible to change the battery type of Smartphones, Maybe we can see it in near future. But one thing that
We can do right off to save our phones Batteries is follow these 7 tips that helped me to use my phone a Hour extra than the
Normal day.

1.Turn Off Notifications – Whichever device you have, You get tons of Notifications
throughout the day, Some are useful while others are useless.
And it directly affects your battery, So if you want to save your battery just turn Off the Notifications of less
Useful apps.
On Android –
Go to settings >Apps >Choose your desired app >Notifications > Block all.
On iOS –
Settings > Notifications > Choose your app > Disable  “Allow Notifications”.
2.Use Dark Wallpapers – Using Dark
Wallpapers in your phone which not only gives your phone
a classic look but it also helps you in saving your device Battery.
Smartphones companies are now providing better Screens
(AMOLED, LCD) on their phones Using colorful Wallpapers
in your phone can suck your Battery more, Especially when
your phone have a AMOLED display.
And if you use Live Wallpapers in your phone then it affects
even more.
3.Disable Location – Does location affects your battery ??
Yes. A big yes
Some apps always have the permission to track your location, It means your phone have to constantly refresh your device location to provide you the Accurate results,

So it’s obvious that it directly affects
Your phones Battery. Now to save your phones battery just
Turn it off.
To do that you have to manually Disable the location from each app that are accessing it.
On Android –
Go to settings >Apps >Choose your apps manually > Permissions > Disable “Your location”.
On iOS –
Go to Settings > privacy > Location Services > Choose the app > Tap on “Never” or “While
Using” as per your Need.
4.Turn off Useless Hardware Radios – Now Smartphones companies are offering many features in their phones to give their customers The best possible
Experience by which they don’t have to rely on other things.

Features like GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, Mobile data and Wi-Fi they
all are pretty handy and Useful features which makes a phone a Complete package
But on the other hand they have their Own disadvantage too, No one is using Them all the time. So whenever You are not using them Just turn Them Off.
If you keep them opened they do drain your phones Battery.
5.Playing with Apps – There are many Unnecessary apps that are lying in everyone’s phones,
The only Thing you have to do is just Take your time and Uninstall all those Useless apps because they are
also responsible for reducing your Phones Battery, Some of
them even use your phones data in the Background.

This is the Another tip, After Uninstalling the
Unnecessary apps now update your all apps or the most useful ones, They may be more bigger in size but they are more optimized to save your battery.
App developers bring newer versions of apps because they are More better, Less buggy and more
optimized for the battery.


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