Can we survive without electronics?

Deb Van Engelenhoven

We had a server crash last week and we have spent days and days and days restoring data. During that process I became very aware of the things I do every day that are just automatically attached to an electronic device.

I wear a device that counts my calories in and my calories out. It also calculates the nutritional levels of each thing that I eat. It also tracks my sleep so I know if I am getting too much sleep or too little sleep.

I use my phone for both personal and work so it is constantly buzzing or dinging or playing a tune. Depending on what kind of data is coming in. I have even selected a ring tone song for each of my family members so I know who is calling me just by how it sounds when it rings.

I carry around a jump drive in my pocket just in case I might need to transfer a customer file. I still call them jump drives but most everyone else I know calls them flash drives. Whatever we call them they are a handy little device to use when you need it.

I have a tablet at home and an I-pad at work. I can use both of them for a variety of things. I can write this column from home on my tablet and send it to my work computer or my I-Pad. I can e-mail my customers from either one of them.

The problem is that I have so many devices now that I find myself constantly trying to keep track of them. I need to make sure I have whatever device I need before I get in the car.

My tablet at home contains crossword and jigsaw puzzles which help me to relax. I can read a book on the tablet and even look in the faces of my grandchildren as I talk to them.

Plus all these devices can be used now without plugging them into anything. Everything is totally wireless now. Including my television and my refrigerator.

I always wonder what my parents or my in-laws would think if they could come back today and see all the technology changes that have happened over the years.

We started out with a black and white TV. I can remember how excited we were when we finally got one that had color. How you have your choice of big screen, high definition and much, much more.

So my question is, can I get along without these electronics? Well, if last week was any indication then the answer is no. I had to use one device to transfer to another device to transfer the data back to the new server. The good news is that we are fully functional again so maybe it was worth it.


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