After all those deals, what draft picks do Patriots have left?

Apr 28, 2016; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view of the stage and podium before the 2016 NFL Draft at the Auditorium Theatre. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

With the moves the Patriots have made in recent days, their 2017 NFL Draft picks have been shaken up a bit.

As of Monday, they owned seven picks (listed by round-overall): 3-72, 3-96, 4-132, 5-163, 5-183, 6-200, 7-239. That’s no first- or second-round picks, two third-round picks, one fourth-round pick, two fifth-round picks, one sixth-round pick, and one seventh-round pick.

As the last part of their Deflategate punishment, the Patriots forfeit their highest fourth-round, which right now is the 118th pick.

When the NFL announced the full draft order last week, the league listed as “forfeited” the Patriots’ 132nd pick, which they acquired last year from Seattle. But the Patriots did have pick 137, which they subsequently traded to the Colts for tight end Dwayne Allen on Wednesday.

And as part of the compensation for receiver Brandin Cooks, the Patriots also received the Saints’ fourth-round pick, No. 118.

An NFL spokesman confirmed Saturday that the Patriots will lose their highest pick in the fourth round. As of now, the Patriots would forfeit 118 and regain 132. But the Patriots can still trade 118 between now and the draft, which would mean they would forfeit 132.

It is unclear if the Patriots are able to trade all of their fourth-round picks.

The NFL Draft will be April 27-29 in Philadelphia.


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