HTC has stopped producing the Nexus 9

As has frequently been the case with large Android pills, the Nexus nine by no means quite lived as much as its potential. And, it’s notably long inside the enamel, first launching lower back in October of 2014. Google stopped promoting the tool about a month ago, and now HTC has showed that its days are numbered. at the same time as you could still buy most fashions of the tablet on HTC’s web site, theorganization says that it’s far now not manufacturing the tablet. once the inventory on HTC’s site andacross diverse other random shops runs out, that’ll be the stop of the line.

That leaves the Pixel C because the only Android pill Google itself is selling at once. notwithstanding a few flaws, that is possibly nonetheless your great guess for a largedisplay screen Android revel in rightnow — and Android N ought to repair the various issues we had with the tablet. And, of course, Samsungnevertheless sells a dizzying array of Android drugs, from huge to, nicely, larger.

Given the Nexus 9‘s lifespan, it is on no account sudden that HTC has stopped manufacturing the tool. HTC did verify that it’s going to preserve selling and assisting the tool for the near destiny, however if you for some motive had your eye on it and in no way pulled the trigger, do not wait too long.

via: CNET
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