Infusionsoft Expands Its Payments Solutions

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If there was a recurring theme at the recent ICON16 event, an annual meeting held for its users by Infusionsoft, it was about “building ease of use” for its customers. In fact, those were the exact words used by Chief Products Officer Terry Hicks in a media briefing.

At the conference, Infusionsoft released some new products — and upgraded others to reflect what company CEO Clate Mask says is Infusionsoft’s “new philosophy.”

One of the big announcements was the expansion of Infusionsoft Payments. More than $2 billion is annually processed through Infusionsoft’s ecommerce platform — and an additional $2 billion is processed through third-party integrations.

The Payments Product Suite now includes an EMV-compliant and certified mobile credit card reader, making it easier for small businesses to accept payments wherever they do business.

Underscoring the “ease of use” theme, one of the primary drivers behind the introduction of the new solution was to make it easier for small business owners to be able to accept credit card payments (getting merchant status is notoriously time-consuming and costly for most entrepreneurs).

And the solution seamlessly integrates into the Infusionsoft platform. In fact, that’s one of the reasons, according to Infusionsoft product marketing manager Justin Topliff, the company partnered with WePay, a payments provider for leading platform companies, to craft its own mobile solution and develop the new EMV compatible mobile card reader.

Topliff says applying for the solution is a snap and it only takes about 10 minutes to get through the approval process. The solution is now offered only in the U.S. and Canada (availability in the U.K. will come later this year). The swiper is currently only available in the U.S. and it’s just for iPhones. An Android solution will be available later this year.

Once approved, an Infusionsoft customer can, says Topliff, “instantly start” taking credit card orders. Plus, approval immediately triggers the business owner’s personalized marketing automation based upon their customers’ purchasing behaviors — essentially the setup before you can market and sell on mobile devices takes just moments.

Another advantage of using Infusionsoft Payments, Topliff says, is its “transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees,” he continues, “Infusionsoft charges an industry low, flat rate of 2.9 percent plus $0.30 per transaction.” And it generally takes less than 48 hours for the funds to clear.

Other highlights of the solution include:

  • Painless processing: From setup to support, Infusionsoft Payments is seamlessly integrated with current user systems.
  • One solution: Rather than having to add a third-party payment solution, Infusionsoft customers can simply add Infusionsoft Payments to their current Infusionsoft product mix. As Topliff says, this means “Infusionsoft owns tier one support,” making it easier to get help if something goes wrong.

Small business owners cannot afford to ignore mobile solutions. eMarketer recently reported that 51.2 percent of Americans or 95 million people will make a purchase on their smartphones next year and that overall m-commerce sales on smartphones will hit $75.5 billion in 2017.


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