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India is understood for loving its stars’ may want to now as well be referred to as a cliché. and prefer all clichés, it hasn’t stopped being real. And as such, our Bollywood superstars and their lives are a consistentsource of scrutiny. At Housing.com, we scrutinise the existence of these superstars too, in our own way! Wequestioned what it might be like having India’s most loved movie star, King Khan’s six story sprawling mansion for sale on Housing.com. the solution may wonder you.

The King’s citadel
The King of Bollywood – Shahrukh Khan’s 6 storey excessive, sea dealing with marvel located at Bandstand in Bandra West is a history building and a traveller spot. Such is the fan following of Bollywood’s Baadshah that numerous hundred people go to the house everyday hoping to get a glimpse of theirfavourite Bollywood star. SRK’s home sweet domestic comes with lavishly adorned indoors and exquisitegardens at the the front aspect.

even as the mansion has neo-classical factors incorporated inside itself, the interiors of the house are verymodern and fashionable, embellished with curios and objects of art from around the globe. The hindside of the house has an prolonged 2d wing which homes a complex lounge area for tale sittings, a sprawling kitchen,along side a host of Mr. Khan’s places of work and studios and an intricately equippedgym.

The multi-storeyed residence, linked with the aid of a machine of elevators, has two residing roomsembellished with paintings by M.F Hussain, antiques and different artwork objects. of those flooringcontain the family’s living vicinity. The house has an entire ground which serves as a playroom for hischildren, a library, a non-public bar and an leisure centre.

The marketplace price of Mannat
at first known as Villa Vienna, while Shahrukh Khan bought this 2,446 sq. metre (26, 328.fifty two sq.feet.) sea facing belongings in 2001 on a rent, he paid ₹13.32 crore and renamed it Mannat. considering the fact that then, the superstar has been paying a minimal lease of ₹2,325 a yr, but while the Maharashtra government revised the land hire charges in Mumbai and its suburbs, the accelerated rentrent of ₹19 lakh a yr, or a onetime occupancy charge of ₹8.three crore (one-fifth of the plot’s geared upReckoner cost) for outright possession of the equal, was applied.

From those information, we anticipated the prepared Reckoner value of this plot; i.e the respectableprice of this piece of land to be ₹forty one.five crores. Now, considering the stature of the King of Bollywood, you might assume that this isn’t that huge an amount. So, we determined to go ahead and calculate the present day market value of Mannat, and well, we have been nothing short of bowled over.

To estimate the fee of Mannat we set out to discover the average value of residential land inside the samelocality. even though nothing as huge as Mr. Khan’s property is to be had on the market within themarketplace, we compensated by using locating residential condo expenses as a base.

A regular apartment in Bandstand Bandra(West), in which Mannat is placed, is priced at around43,000according to rectangular foot on a mean. when we take this as our base charge Mannat’s 26,328.52sq.feet might be priced approximately at a big ₹ 113.21 crores. Now that’s a wellknown superstar rate.mind you, that’s simply the approximate price. Its historical past status and its area in an upscale neighbourhood provides a sure quantity of more price to the house, approximately 15 according to centaccording to some resources. Now, add to that a 6 ground high exuberantly furnished house, fantasticlawns spread out in front of the residence and massive french home windows with a fantastic view of the sea and you’ll get a palatial mansion that is worth about a jaw losingtwo hundred crores!
a laugh fact! – What’s the average size of an Indian residence? in keeping with national sample Surveycompany, it’s 494 sq. feet. in rural areas, or 103 sq. feet. in line with individual, and 504 sq. ft. in urbanareas, or 117 sq. feet. in line with character. that might be 225 humans in Mannat on my own!

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