Sony Unveils Future Lab Program, Seeks Feedback for Upcoming Products
Sony Unveils Future Lab Program, Seeks Feedback for Upcoming Products

In what appears as a major differentiating factor, Sony has announced that it wants its users to play an instrumental role in at least some of its future products. Dubbed Future Lab Program, the project aims to take feedback from consumers and involve them in the design process for its products. The company teased a hands-free wearable device as the first of these concept prototypes.

The Japanese technology conglomerate says that it will be sharing concept prototypes with users during the development stage. It will be seeking feedback from consumers and take their suggestions into consideration into refining the product. The company wants to listen to feedback from designers, developers, enthusiasts, and users alike to know what a third party thinks of its idea.

“Sony will be sharing each of these specific goals through a variety of concept prototypes developed by the Future Lab Program,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Going forward, additional letters will be added inside the logo frame to coincide with the launch of each new prototype, each of which will symbolize the concept behind these initiatives.”


Sony also unveiled a prototype of a wearable device called N that it is currently working on. The wearable device, Sony says, creates a new way of experiencing audio such as music and sound without having to “insert any object into his or her ear.” A teaser photo suggests that the device will be worn around the neck.

The company said that it will be revealing a number of other prototypes at the upcoming SXSW Interactive Festival which is scheduled from March 12 to March 14.

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