Where Are Our Useful Futuristic Clothes Already?

      Future Tense is a partnership of Slate, New America, and Arizona State University that examines emerging technologies, public policy, and society. Remember the old days, when you had to pull out your handheld telephonic device and unlock it—using your thumb!—in order to check the location of your incoming human-operated rideshare? How archaic! Or what about when you wasted valuable […]

    Top six tiny houses that captured our hearts in 2017

    2017 could well have been the year of the tiny house. With the tiny house movement accelerating, there has been a wealth of new ones to look over this year, both local and international. 1. THE ESCHER This beauty is the creme de la creme of tiny houses, hand built by owner David Latimer, CEO and founder of […]

    Check out our Home and Garden page!

    Find stories in Thursday’s print edition offering five simple tips for making your home safer to prevent falls and ideas for fast-growing vegetables if you still want to get a little gardening done before it gets too cold. You’ll also find ads for local businesses offering everything from tree trimming and roofing services to mattresses. […]

    Meet our 2017 Great Garden Contest winners

    Nature can be its own worst enemy. For gardeners, it’s insects, deer, squirrels and moles that attack the hours of work they put into cultivating their award-winning gardens. About a 100 people entered the Post-Dispatch 2017 Great Garden Contest sponsored by St. Louis Composting. Our judges selected first- and second-place winners in two categories: Best […]

    Winner Announced For Our HP Netbook Computer Giveaway

    Last month we asked you to share your best Twitter Tips with us and in return we would enter you in our most recent giveaway. The prize?  A beautiful, brand new HP 1116NR netbook computer. We received about 150 tips (some multiple tips from the same person).  The tips came in via Twitter, through email, […]

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    Leadpages Event Comes to Minneapolis, Is Your Event on Our Calendar?

    Leadpages’ second annual conference Convert 2016 is coming in Minneapolis Oct. 18. And it looks like an event packed with exciting speakers and an interesting agenda. Comedian and podcaster Marc Maron, former Hubspot product officer David Cancel and Social Triggers founder Derek Halpern are just three of the speakers featured during the two day event […]

    “We need to consciousness at the cause of Why We Create, Who We Create For and What motive Our Product Will Serve”

    in this interview with Priya Ravindran from EFY, we’ve Manuel Rei, enterprise Director, Dassault Systemes and okay Suresh Kumar, leader executive officer (CEO), Chipware technology, dropping mild on their jointassignment for supplying 3D design software, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform! DSC_0234 Manuel Rei, enterprise Director, Dassault Systemes and ok Suresh Kumar, chief executive officer (CEO), Chipware technologies […]

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    He’s truly our angel: Why we shouldn’t laugh at Taher Shah

    The singer is a break from the zeitgeist of cynicism. We all need that. Image credit: via Youtube It is easy to make fun of Taher Shah. In his latest video (which, like his previous one, has gone viral in the subcontinent) he appears clad in purple robes, wearing a tiara. Standing before a tree, and […]

    lack Friday Deals: Our Picks for Shopping From India

    Black Friday, which follows Thanksgiving, marks the beginning of the shopping season in the US, with most retail chains offering massive discounts to entice customers. While it may not have much of a cultural presence outside of the western hemisphere, anyone on the Internet can get in on the action, and grab some truly amazing […]

    The fault in our start-ups

    Start-ups will die. 97% will fail. About 1% will get acquired. Another 1% will go on to become paper unicorns. Only the final per cent will actually become sustainable digital-first enterprises. The problem is that they will die for the wrong reasons. Photo: iStockPhoto Visualize the math on this. A friend spotted an employee from […]