10 Digital Assistant Alternatives To Apple’s Siri

    Ten years ago it might have seemed impossible that someday you might have a digital assistant that lived in your phone. And that assistant would search for the answers you need when you need them and speak to you just like a flesh and blood office assistant. When Apple introduced Siri on the iPhone all […]

    Apple’s Next Big Challenge: Making Siri Smarter

    HIGHLIGHTS Apple is set to announce a better Siri version at WWDC on Monday. Besides Siri, Apple Watch 2 and macOS are also to debut. As per reports, Siri will be open to devs now. Apple’s Siri made a big splash when the wisecracking digital assistant debuted on the iPhone five years ago. But as […]

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    Apple Includes Siri for Mac in Latest Update

      The thirteenth version of OS X got a name change to macOS, also called Sierra, and just like its two predecessors Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has decided to keep the alpine theme with its latest operating system. But the feature that is getting the most attention right now is the availability of Siri for Mac. Siri for […]

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    Apple May Open Up Siri to Builders. It’s a Massive Deal

    HIGHLIGHTS Apple is stated to be running on a standalone speaker. Apple will also open Siri for Developers in Builders convention. It’s going to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home. Apple is taking big steps to improve its voice-managed assistant, Siri, in step with a new file from technews site the Facts that cites […]

    Intel SoCs Get Built-in Speech Recognition; May Help Apple Bring Siri to OS X

    Intel SoCs will soon have native support for speech recognition features. This capability comes as the chipmaker partners with Sensory, a Silicon Valley-based company focused on machine learning techniques. The announcement further intensifies the speculation about Apple bringing Siri to its OS Xdesktop operating system. Dubbed TrulyHandsfree, the always-on, always-listening voice triggering component and low-power […]

    Apple to Bring Siri to Desktop, Laptop With OS X 10.12: Report

    Siri could soon arrive on OS X. Apple is currently readying a new update for its desktop operating system that features the digital voice assistant, according to a media report. Siri is currently available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. For OS X 10.12, the next major update to Apple’s desktop […]