Here’s What’s Killing Your Favourite Clothes! (And How to Stop That!)

    It takes approximately 6,800 litres of water to manufacture a pair of jeans. The materials often used in the production of fast-fashion aren’t sustainable or ethical. The annual carbon footprint emitted from the fashion industry is 10 per cent of global carbon emissions, which means more greenhouse gases are given off in this process than all the […]

    What’s her secret?

    Editor’s note: Everybody loves to “container garden.” Even people with no yard can raise beautiful, colorful arrangements in a pot. Container contests are held annually at the Clinton and Rock Island county fairs. Today we present highlights from both. Janis Harbison has been a consistent winner for years in the container garden contest at the Clinton […]

    What’s Distressing About Distressed Clothing

      be fair, “Lmao wait one minute” is an apt response to this particular pair of sneakers. A grungy pinky-gray shade reminiscent of worn pointe shoes, these sneakers resemble a Twinkie in that they look not so much made as extruded. They’re scuffed and grimy, and they’ve got these dull burnished silver strips of duct […]

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    What’s Holding Back African-American Entrepreneurs?

    Of all racial groups, African-Americans are the least likely to bring their startup efforts to fruition. According to the U.S. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), an annual survey of a representative sample of the adult-age population of the United States, conducted as part of an effort to track entrepreneurial activity across countries and time, established business […]

    What’s Virat Kohli’s Customers Stop Connection? Examine Right here.

    Virat Kohli has meaningfully contributed to Customers Forestall‘s first sector profits of FY16, consistent with the management. Thinking how? Virat Kohli’s apparel line ‘Wrogn’ is one of the special brands that Customers Prevent launched currently. “The one of a kind logo that got launched this 12 months in Q4 (last monetary 12 months) and playedvery […]

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    specialists are hoping that key reforms, which include the GST, the real estate bill, and the Housing For All initiative, will deliver a large push to the Indian realty marketplace.

    authorities initiatives which can boost quarter Commenting at the destiny outlook for the world, Vineet Relia, handling director of SARE houses, says, “a series of structural and coverage reforms have fostered effective sentiments among buyers, builders, in addition to investors, and created an avenue for the sector to carry out higher. The Modi government’spromoting of […]

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    smart towns: What’s in it for the aam aadmi?

    What are clever towns? A paper from the RICS’ Cobra conference, termed a smart city as one that could have a sturdy and interactive ICT (statistics and conversation generation) infrastructure. This ICT infrastructure might bespread across the metropolis. a host of every day services, inclusive of water, electricity distribution andstable waste management, could be managed […]

    Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Day 4: What’s on Offer

    It’s the fourth day of the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale, and while the madness of day 3 might be behind us, there are still plenty of deals on popular electronics. Friday’s best offers include deals on tablets, audio equipment, laptops, and more. But before we get into the deals, here are some tips: 1) […]

    What’s common to Hitler and company budgets

    The obsession that once a budget is set it’s sacrosanct, is akin to Hitler’s ‘withdrawal is superfluous’ doctrine. Photo: Getty Images The last quarter of every year is epochal for two reasons: one, everyone believes that the world is coming to an end on 31 March and the budgeted numbers that could not be met […]

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    2016 Pinterest Trends – What’s Next This Year?

    Does Pinterest still matter? Once it was the dominant visual social media network. But now Instagram and a host of trendier platforms, like Periscope and Snapchat, have solidly dethroned Pinterest’s claim as the visual network du jour. But don’t count it out of your social media strategy just yet. Pinterest, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, remains an important space for businesses to “nurture, maintain […]