Wasteful Gases Turn Into Fully Functional Clothing

Wasteful Gases Turn Into Fully Functional Clothing

Mango Materials converts methane into a wearable material that breaks back down to methane to start the process all over again


Startup clothing company Mango Materials wants to combat the excess amount of methane chemicals on our planet by turning it into clothing.

The fabric for the clothing is produced by feeding the methane gas to bacteria who break it down and turn it into bio-polyester fibers. By using these new fibers the bacteria creates, the clothing  turns into a biodegradable item that could eventually be recycled in a composting unit. When the product breaks down, it will release methane, however, this means the process could start all over again by reintroducing the clothing’s methane to the bacteria. This new material Mango Materials created was announced at the SynBioBeta conference in San Francisco.

Presently, Mango Materials only has one facility in California, but they have entered talks with other methane producers to expand their operations.


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